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Coasteering - in a quarry!

Adventure Holiday Club - Half day, full day

Adventure Holiday Club - Half day, full day

Options for full or half days -please click on each calendar day to see which activities are running


We are running our Adventure Holiday Club, in line with Government guidelines.

As a precaution we have altered practices, improved facilities and modified programmes to minimise the possibility of infection. When booking your child onto our Holiday Club, please strictly follow these additional terms and conditions:

Please only send your child if they are symptom free according to the most current government advice

Please do not send your child if people in your household are displaying any symptoms

If we suspect your child is displaying symptoms we will isolate and ask parents to collect as soon as possible.

If your child misses out on whole or part of their day due to any issues related to the Covid19 we will issue a voucher that can be redeemed at another Holiday Club in 2024

Half Day Adventures!

Our Adventure Holiday Club follows a half day format based on feedback from parents. This means that you have more options for half or full day adventures!

A full day booking consists of a morning and an afternoon adventure. When a full day is booked, we will supervise lunch time so all you need to do is drop off in the morning and pick up after the afternoon activity.

Please note that this provision is suitable for children who are able to work within a small group (max 8 children) with an instructor and are ready to listen and follow instructions and guidance. If they are not yet ready for this or require additional 1 to 1 support, this activity will not be appropriate. Our parent charity BF Adventure and its specialist team can provide additional support - please get in touch if they can help. Please note that if a young person places themselves or others in a position of risk we will need to stop their activity and contact parent/guardians to arrange immediate collection.

We offer fantastic fun packed adventure days tailored to children aged between 6 - 13 years old during the school holidays. The group will be split based on age and confidence into a younger group and an older group, so the activities will perfectly match their level.

Each day is themed using a combination of activities. One main activity will be run in the morning and in the afternoon - these can be viewed by clicking on the calendar.

Depending on which age group they are in, other activities including crafts and more adventure sessions will run around the main activity to ensure they are busy and entertained all day.

Each activity provides a chance for your children to try something new, make friends, learn and have fun - your child will be talking about this for weeks.